3 Proposed Freeze Exceptions

Bug ID Component Status Title Updates Review
2124830 anaconda POST geo location not working: Anaconda didn't set default local locale +0, 0, -0
2095070 firejail NEW CVE-2022-31214 firejail: CVE-2022-31214: local root exploit reachable via --join logic [fedora-all] +2, 0, -0
2124907 gnome-software MODIFIED gnome-software crashes while fedora-third-party enable is run +0, 0, -0

8 Accepted Freeze Exceptions

Bug ID Component Status Title Updates Review
2121110 gnome-initial-setup NEW GNOME Initial Setup uses the English keyboard, instead of the default keyboard Discuss
2123494 gnome-initial-setup ON_QA Unable to set up enterprise account with gnome-initial-setup due to missing buttons Discuss
2121944 greenboot NEW greenboot-grub2-set-counter.service fails on 38 IoT with "cannot open `/boot/grub2/grubenv.new`: No such file or directory." Discuss
2119305 kernel NEW Kernel panics during boot when laptop connected to a usb-c dock. Discuss
2123274 mesa NEW [abrt] totem: nouveau_pushbuf_data(): totem killed by SIGABRT Discuss
2117710 nautilus POST Open in Disks link is not working in root directory properties window. Discuss
2115865 openssl-pkcs11 ASSIGNED dnssec-keyfromlabel fails with openssl-pkcs11-0.4.12-1.fc36 Discuss
2121106 systemd NEW Czech qwerty layout configured in anaconda, but qwertz layout used in disk unlock and in VT console Discuss

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