3 Proposed Freeze Exceptions

Bug ID Component Status Title Updates Review
2017744 azure-cli MODIFIED F35FailsToInstall: azure-cli +1, 0, -0
1993534 rust-below-model ON_QA F35FailsToInstall: rust-below-model-devel Vote!
2017433 selinux-policy ASSIGNED 3rd party repos are enabled, if you enable them initially, but then change your mind Vote!

11 Accepted Freeze Exceptions

Bug ID Component Status Title Updates Review
2009451 gnome-calendar NEW Meeting link imported are truncated; results in invalid link Discuss
2017043 gnome-initial-setup NEW WS GIS aarch64 doesn't accept input from wireless keyboard Discuss
2013938 gnome-maps ASSIGNED The Location Settings button in Maps does not work Discuss
2015490 initial-setup POST It is possible to go through the initial setup without creating a root and without adding a user to the wheel group Discuss
2011928 kernel NEW Fedora 35 aarch64 cloud image based openstack VM hangs Discuss
2007697 nautilus NEW Encrypted zip exctracts weirdly with wrong passphrase Discuss
2011774 plasma-discover MODIFIED Toggled repos in Discover jump to the bottom of the list Discuss
2015809 plasma-discover MODIFIED app can't be installed&removed or removed&installed, without Discover restart Discuss
2011231 plasma-systemsettings NEW HDMI Audio Device is invisible/inactive unless you manually assign it a profile Discuss
2006746 spice-vdagent NEW Mouse cursor position offset changes randomly after changing resolution in a VM Discuss
2016563 spice-vdagent NEW Cannot copy/paste to/from KDE VMs Discuss

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