12 Accepted Freeze Exceptions

Bug ID Component Status Title Updates Review
1885154 abrt ASSIGNED retrace jobs seem to always fail Discuss
1889674 anaconda NEW vi is the editor used when reporting anaconda bugs from text mode, instead of nano Discuss
1874082 bluez NEW bluetooth mouse does not autoconnect after sleep Discuss
1886406 gnome-software NEW Gnome software unable to rate review Discuss
1884467 gnome-tour NEW gnome-tour shortcut keys not working Discuss
1889657 gnome-tour ON_QA Dependencies not listed in the rpm spec Discuss
1882328 libreport VERIFIED can't open a URL by clicking on it Discuss
1878909 pkgconf ON_QA pkgconf-pkg-config generates file conflict between i686 & x86_64 packages Discuss
1885102 python-blivet NEW snapshot of home can't be used in a new installation Discuss
1861700 sddm ON_QA login stuck when changing users repeatedly (log out, log in a different one) Discuss
1880948 selinux-policy MODIFIED SELinux is preventing chronyd from 'read' accesses on the soubor wlp4s0.sources. Discuss
1879028 systemd NEW systemd: Caching DNS resolver is not DNSSEC-aware Discuss

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