7 Proposed Freeze Exceptions

Bug ID Component Status Title Updates
1750135 fedora-obsolete-packages ON_QA Obsolete python2-acme stable
1731415 initial-setup POST Network spoke doesn't work on RPi3 initial-setup stable
1749433 mutter NEW can't turn zoom off once enabled stable
1739469 sip ON_QA [abrt] python3-fsleyes: _Window___nonzero__(): core.py:2251:_Window___nonzero__:TypeError: isdeleted() argument 1 must be sip.simplewrapper, not Panel stable
1750120 spice-vdagent VERIFIED unable to paste/copy between host and guest stable
1751852 xfdesktop ON_QA Xfce is using upstream desktop background stable
1752550 xlogin NEW soas live beta unable to login to liveuser stable

8 Accepted Freeze Exceptions

Bug ID Component Status Title Updates
1750394 gnome-control-center NEW Gnome Control Center crashes upon a typo in Printers settings
1743005 gnome-shell NEW after upgrade gnome-shell from 3.33.2-1.fc31 to 3.33.3-1.fc31 stop working layout switching in X session
1643446 gnome-software NEW download progress is often invisible
1749086 kde-settings ON_QA Needs updating for Fedora 31 background etc. stable
? 1727904 NetworkManager ASSIGNED Network configuration based on boot option is not passed to installed system. stable
1749133 player NEW Updates to fix robotics spin compose
1728240 sddm NEW Cannot start Fedora-KDE-Live (F31) in basic graphics mode on BIOS machine stable
1746584 selinux-policy MODIFIED GNOME systemd session start fails due to SELinux denial: denied { start } for auid=n/a uid=XXX gid=XXX path="/usr/lib/systemd/user/gnome-session-wayland@.target"

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