1 Proposed Blocker

Bug ID Component Status Title Updates
1643774 gnome-software NEW "NVIDIA Linux Graphics Driver" and "Steam" cannot be found in GNOME Software

6 Accepted Freeze Exceptions

Bug ID Component Status Title Updates
1639381 cronie MODIFIED Drop the selinux domain check or use system_cronjob_t domain for the system crontab files stable
1637148 dnf POST dnf doesn't resolve variables in mirrorlists stable
1637751 gnome-maps NEW Display gets messed up when routing panel is active
1637927 iscsi-initiator-utils NEW iSCSI Reverse CHAP authentication not working
1633328 qemu NEW Armv7 guest fails to boot with qemu-3.0.0-1
1625645 selinux-policy ASSIGNED selinux prevents loading of anything inside /etc/cron.d stable

No Accepted Blockers

No Accepted 0-day Blockers

No Accepted Previous Release Blockers

No Proposed Freeze Exceptions