2 Proposed Freeze Exceptions

Bug ID Component Status Title Updates Review
1619389 httpd ON_QA mod_ssl does not work with TLS 1.3-enabled openssl TBD
1562278 LiveCD NEW zram.service is not enabled on LiveOS TBD

9 Accepted Freeze Exceptions

Bug ID Component Status Title Updates Review
1626076 bcm283x-firmware ASSIGNED Raspberry Pi fixes and improvements for IoT TBD
1600444 dnf POST Wrong conflicts between dnf and yum prevents upgrade TBD
1616118 dnf ASSIGNED DNF update fails with "cannot install the best update candidate for package" TBD
1629628 f29-backgrounds NEW Default F29 Wallpaper is Solid Black on XFCE/ARM TBD
1624474 fedora-icon-theme NEW Missing icons in leave dialog and leave menu of panel TBD
1625269 gnome-control-center NEW The Region and Languages section displays in a very small window and therefore is difficult to use. TBD
1625253 gnome-shell NEW gnome-shell on wayland might crash when moving bookmark in nautilus TBD
1628263 gnome-shell MODIFIED wifi doesnt connect from the drop down in live WS F29 Beta 1.1 TBD
1626839 spin-kickstarts NEW No default editor in Fedora 29 LXQt LiveCD TBD

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No Accepted Blockers

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