5 Proposed Blockers

Bug ID Component Status Title Updates
1445776 389-ds-base POST Deployment of FreeIPA of F26 fails with tomcat errors
1446432 anaconda NEW Minimal install option install full gnome desktop
1440502 hplip ON_QA hp 8610 Filter failed when trying to print on fedora 26 testing
1227736 plymouth NEW Minimal grub after a kernel update with gnome-software
1445302 python-blivet ASSIGNED gi.overrides.BlockDev.LVMError: Process reported exit code 1280: WARNING: Device for PV nIS1Xt-FAIE-7tei-T8yr-lj7e-DZQ2-vpS4iv not found or rejected by a filter.

4 Accepted Blockers

Bug ID Component Status Title Updates
1414391 anaconda POST single partition disks not visible in custom partitioning dialog
1403352 freeipa ON_QA FreeIPA server install fails (and existing servers probably fail to start) due to changes in 'dyndb' feature on merge to upstream BIND
1443206 gnome-shell MODIFIED gnome-shell consistently crashes in the middle of first-login gnome-initial-setup pending testing
1438046 initial-setup NEW initial-setup.service: Failed to set up stdin: Inappropriate ioctl for device

1 Proposed Freeze Exception

Bug ID Component Status Title Updates
1444654 nautilus NEW Moving a file using Drag and Drop onto a folder works immediately the first time in nautilus, takes time subsequently.

No Accepted 0-day Blockers

No Accepted Previous Release Blockers

No Accepted Freeze Exceptions

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