1 Proposed Blocker

Bug ID Component Status Title Updates
1405790 certmonger NEW certmonger: FTBFS in Fedora Rawhide

9 Accepted Blockers

Bug ID Component Status Title Updates
1409177 anaconda MODIFIED Kickstart installs fail with Python 3.6
1410523 anaconda NEW gi.overrides.BlockDev.LVMError: Failed to call the 'LvCreate' method on the '/com/redhat/lvmdbus1/Vg/1' object: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Python.dbus.exceptions.DBusException: ('com.redhat.lvmdbus1.Vg', "Exit code 3, stderr = --size may not ...
1420520 distribution NEW All ARM disk image composes fail in Rawhide
1420523 distribution NEW Cloud base image composes fail in current Rawhide
1403352 freeipa POST FreeIPA server install fails (and existing servers probably fail to start) due to changes in 'dyndb' feature on merge to upstream BIND
1420508 hugin NEW FTBFS in current Rawhide (issue in vigra headers?)
1405877 libreoffice NEW "workstation boot" network install media cannot install - broken dependencies
1370561 selinux-policy MODIFIED selinux-policy-targeted-3.13.1-211.fc26 breaks rawhide composes
1412750 selinux-policy MODIFIED Multiple services in recent Rawhide fail to start with: Failed at step USER spawning (executable): Permission denied

1 Accepted Freeze Exception

Bug ID Component Status Title Updates
1420753 systemd NEW "systemd-udevd.service: Failed at step ADDRESS_FAMILIES spawning" for PowerPC

No Accepted 0-day Blockers

No Accepted Previous Release Blockers

No Proposed Freeze Exceptions

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