3 Proposed Blockers

Bug ID Component Status Title Updates
1395313 anaconda NEW non-PAE kernel is installed under 32-bit Xen PV guests
1395739 anaconda NEW Can't install 25 Beta as a Xen PV guest
1394937 systemd NEW Running processes killed (SIGKILL) without a chance to shut down cleanly (SIGTERM) on logout or shutdown

1 Accepted Blocker

Bug ID Component Status Title Updates
1390607 mutter ASSIGNED LibreOffice Impress (and stripped down native gtk demo) doesn't run presentation correctly on Wayland

1 Proposed Freeze Exception

Bug ID Component Status Title Updates
1384627 anaconda NEW Can't pick disk to install boot loader

13 Accepted Freeze Exceptions

Bug ID Component Status Title Updates
1379106 anaconda POST AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'format'
1389959 anaconda NEW Switching keyboard layout with key combo does not work in Wayland
1392698 distribution ASSIGNED Atomic/Cloud and Workstation ostree installer images no longer compose since 2016-10-18 (Rawhide and F25)
1370073 gnome-shell NEW [abrt] gnome-shell: _g_log_abort(): gnome-shell killed by SIGTRAP
1381734 LiveCD - KDE NEW Fedora 25 i686 KDE live images are too large
1381733 LiveCD - LXDE NEW Fedora 25 x86_64 LXDE live images are too large
1381737 LiveCD - LXDE NEW Fedora 25 i686 LXDE live images are too large
1382820 LiveCD - Xfce MODIFIED Xfce is missing some NetworkManager's libs
? 1392203 mariadb POST mariadb permissions don't allow access to /var/lib/mysql
1394449 plasma-desktop NEW f25 plasma "networks" and "instant messaging" icons are invisible.
1391932 skopeo ON_QA [skopeo][ FTBFS due golang deficiency on ppc64
1332266 systemd NEW systemd-logind does not verify if system has resume device defined when checking if can.hibernate or can.hybridsleep
1382001 xorg-x11-drv-qxl ASSIGNED Logging out from second user after switching users kills first user's session (with xorg-x11-drv-qxl at least)

No Accepted 0-day Blockers

No Accepted Previous Release Blockers

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