3 Accepted Blockers

Bug ID Component Status Title Updates
1263677 dnf-plugin-system-upgrade ON_QA it's very easy to end up with a partially-upgraded system
1276165 fedora-release-notes VERIFIED F22 release notes still in F23
1273214 spin-kickstarts ON_QA Build final F23 spin-kickstarts package

1 Proposed Freeze Exception

Bug ID Component Status Title Updates
1275847 gnome-initial-setup NEW Time Zone entry doesn't allow tab completion

5 Accepted Freeze Exceptions

Bug ID Component Status Title Updates
1224048 anaconda MODIFIED anaconda does not include package download and filesystem metadata size in minimal partition size computation and hard reboots during installation
1273112 gdm NEW First attempt to log out fails
1267949 plymouth MODIFIED certain plymouth themes don't indicate system upgrade progress properly, PC can look frozen
1273247 xorg-x11-drv-qxl NEW Mouse cursor lost completely upon log out (sddm / KDE)
1275770 xorg-x11-server-utils NEW Adding third monitor with i915 crashes Gnome

No Proposed Blockers

No Accepted 0-day Blockers

No Accepted Previous Release Blockers