6 Accepted Blockers

Bug ID Component Status Title Updates Review
1162215 anaconda VERIFIED partition resize does not check filesystem minimum size TBD
1169023 anaconda VERIFIED Many translations missing from anaconda 21.48.18 and 21.48.19 TBD
1170153 anaconda VERIFIED anaconda gets stuck during creating a partition, when there is some existing partition after that one TBD
1165714 python-blivet VERIFIED ValueError: new size will not yield an aligned partition TBD
1167959 python-blivet VERIFIED Anaconda on Server DVD put on the usb by livecd-iso-to-disk --efi hangs in hub due to "probing storage" TBD
1168748 spin-kickstarts VERIFIED Need final Fedora 21 build of spin-kickstarts TBD

1 Proposed Freeze Exception

Bug ID Component Status Title Updates Review
1164783 sddm MODIFIED default session in sddm is KDE Plasma failsafe TBD

16 Accepted Freeze Exceptions

Bug ID Component Status Title Updates Review
1166730 anaconda MODIFIED No error message displayed in GUI when bootloader embedding area is too small TBD
1167014 anaconda POST Manual partitioning using single partition: unable to escape from Partitioning page except with workaround TBD
1167047 anaconda MODIFIED Kickstart line selinux --disabled has no effect TBD
1168118 anaconda ASSIGNED Custom UEFI layout with /boot/efi on second disk fails: is_valid_stage1_device not called on disks after the first TBD
1168561 anaconda MODIFIED allow liveinst to follow http redirects when downloading updates.img TBD
1098735 apper NEW apper: PackageKit-hif (hawkey) backend missing comps group support TBD
1150384 dracut ASSIGNED unicode_start is not started on boot TBD
1155228 fedora-logos ON_QA put variant-specific gfx in img dirs for correct product TBD
1169979 fontconfig VERIFIED Some fonts not in fontconfig cache on Fedora 21 live images TBD
1147670 gtk3 NEW keyboard layout chooser switches letters while typing TBD
1041558 libreport ON_QA Filter out rootpw from anaconda reports TBD
1165425 lorax ON_QA bcl accidentally pushed a diagnostic 'bcl was here' test for product.img TBD
1166193 octomap ON_QA Octomap requires ice TBD
1167965 python-blivet VERIFIED logvol swap --recommended fails TBD
1169440 spin-kickstarts ASSIGNED SoaS anaconda is missing font does not display some language samples on first screen TBD
1135720 sugar-runner NEW sugar-runner fails to start sugar-desktop in installed x86_64 Workstation f21 Alpha TC5 TBD

No Proposed Blockers

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