9 Accepted Freeze Exceptions

Bug ID Component Status Title Updates Review
972265 anaconda ASSIGNED When using a kickstart that specifies nothing about repo, 'closest mirror' doesn't seem to be usable TBD
1008732 anaconda ASSIGNED LUKSError: luks device not configured TBD
1033764 anaconda MODIFIED When rootfs is on btrfs subvolume, and extlinux is the bootloader, the system doesn't boot TBD
1038855 anaconda MODIFIED in rescue mode, when exiting rescue shell, instead of menu, get "Pane is dead" TBD
1039168 anaconda MODIFIED Disallow non-ASCII characters in encryption passwords TBD
1040352 anaconda NEW Custom partitioning: cannot change a standard partition's size, then return it to the original size TBD
1035801 control-center NEW [abrt] control-center-3.10.2-2.fc20: _g_log_abort: Process /usr/bin/gnome-control-center was killed by signal 6 (SIGABRT) TBD
1031850 gtk3 NEW Custom partitioning screen rendering broken at 1024x768 in Russian (F20 Final TC1) TBD
1037789 webkitgtk ASSIGNED Midori segfaults when using default search engine TBD

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