Dist-Git Tasks

How to have a taskotron task run from dist-git


The feature is new and rough edges are expected. If you run into issues, please let us know so we can fix them.

Once the task is written (see Writing Taskotron Tasks), it can be pushed into dist-git and be run on different actions. Currently, only action supported is ‘run the task on build completion in koji’. This is going to change in the near future and actions like ‘push to dist-git’ or ‘upload to look-aside cache’ will be supported as well. Taskotron determines on what action to run a particular task according to the input section in the formula, in this case on koji build completion.

name: mytask
desc: do something stupendous
maintainer: somefasuser

        - arch
        - koji_build

Note that the formula yaml file must be named runtask.yml. Taskotron tasks dist-git works the same way as the dist-git for Fedora packages but it is located in a different namespace. Each tasks must be in a separate directory in the repo. Branches work the same way as rpms dist-git as well, so tasks for Fedora 24 will be in the f24 branch and so on. Example of the directory structure of the repo follows:

|-- sanity_check
|   |-- sanity_check.py
|   \-- runtask.yml
\-- services_test
    |-- services_test.sh
    \-- runtask.yml