yumrepoinfo_directive - translate Koji tags into YUM repository URLs

New in version 0.4.

Translate a Koji tag into a set of YUM repositories. This is useful when you want to work with YUM metadata for a specific Fedora repository, but you only know its Koji tag.


Parameter Required Description Type Default Choices



an architecure (or a list of architectures). All "meta architectures" like all, src and noarch are ignored, "real architectures" are expected there instead (e.g. x86_64 or i386).

str or list of str



    name of the Koji tag, e.g. f20, f20-updates, f20-updates-testing, or rawhide.

    If the tag ends with -pending suffix, this suffix is stripped (because pending tags are not real repositories), and the resulting tag is used.


      Return Values

      A dictionary of dictionaries. Main key is koji_tag with value of dictionary that contains arch as key and URL for the respective repository is its value.

      If the repository in question has some parent repositories (e.g. f20-updates is a child of f20), all its parents names and their repository URLs are returned in the dictionary as well as additional keys. Example:

      {'f20': {'x86_64': 'http://...',
               'i386': 'http://...'},
       'f20-updates': {'x86_64': 'http://...',
                       'i386': 'http://...'}}


      • TaskotronDirectiveError: if there are zero “real architectures” inside arch or when koji_tag is not found among known repositories.