Libtaskotron Documentation

What is libtaskotron?

Libtaskotron is one of the core components which make up the Taskotron system. It is a library of useful methods to be used when running a task, and it also contains a runner to execute the task either locally or remotely. The runner is responsible for running tasks written in Task Result Format.

While libtaskotron was designed for use with Fedora, the Fedora specific parts are isolated and the core should be usable with any recent Linux distribution.

Libtaskotron and the other Taskotron components are under ongoing development and interfaces should be expected to change as the design is refined, but the system is fully functional and used in production in Fedora.

What can I do with Taskotron?

Taskotron is designed as a system and framework for running semi-arbitrary tasks. Anything you can run on your local machine, you should be able to run through Taskotron.

Workflows currently out of reach of Taskotron include:

  • Multi-host testing (provisioning several machines at once, usually for server<->client testing)
  • Provisioning bare metal machines - only virtual machines can be automatically provisioned at the moment
  • Offline testing and rebooting - the SSH connection used to run the task on a remote machine must not be interrupted

Contact us

Please direct questions and comments to either the Fedora QA Devel List or the #fedora-qa IRC channel on Freenode. Bug reporting is described in Source code, bugs, tasks.

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